Best Of Female Vocals – Trip Hop Nation Friends

PREMIERE: some of the best european and american trip-hop music with female vocals now combined with eastern aesthetics… Watch this eye-catching video by Vokemodels HDTV on our YouTube channel.

This video is based upon shortened version of the full audio mix “Best Of Female Vocals: THN Friends», which is available for listening and free download at THN Soundcloud channel (…/best-of-female-vocals-special-edit…). This short version of the mix was prepared by Sergey Vatkin (Trip Hop Nation).
The video is directed by Ciro Ayala (, which won the Best Art Directing Award last year at the CINEMOI TV Fashion Festival; and Best VFX at the Mercedes-Benz Bokeh Film Festival.
Visual effects and graphics by PROVOKE FILMS(Japan)(
Main Fashion Model: VENUS KUO. Appearing in several music videos and fashion films, VENUS KUO is the Winner of Taiwan’s Got Talent Show 2012. She is also the lead singer of SKY JAZZ Band.
Contemporary Dancer: HANNA LU –
Shot with Sony and ARRI Alexa cameras in Taichung City (Taiwan).
Thank you so much to all the person involved in this project

Listen, enjoy, share!

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