Massive Attack: The Most Popular Track Among THN Fans?

Yesterday we’ve asked you a question: What is your #1 favourite track from Massive Attack?

We agree that the answer to our question, in the form in which it was set, is practically impossible . Creativity of Massive Attack goes far beyond a single trip-hop style. Their hypnotic and mesmerizing music is a unique fusion of musical styles: trip hop, rock, dub, indy , etc.

Is it all about feelings?

Why is it difficult to answer the question directly? It ‘s all about our mood, whatever it may be, the music always serves us a faithful companion and support. This is the uniqueness of music by Massive Attack. When it is raining outside and we are sad , warming ourselves with a cup of tea, we listen to Protection or Live With Me. When we’re energetic, we can stick to I Against I or Angel. Night and sex go along with Sly or Black Milk, coming from the speakers. Plunging into the darkest corners of our own consciousness is accompanied by Risingson or Inertia Creeps. And so, later we will find out which song do you prefer in a particular mood. )
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