Best Female Vocals Playlist

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Dot Allison feat. Massive Attack – Aftersun
Portishead – Glory Box (voc. Beth Gibbons)
Supreme Beings of Leisure feat. Lili Haydn – Angelhead
Skye Edwards – Love show
Angela Mccluskey – I’m Not The Girl
Puracane – Secrets (voc. Ali Rogers)
Beauty’s Confusion – Silhouerre (voc. Jenna Ferone)
elsiane – Across the stream
Blue Foundation – Bonfires (voc. Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg)
Halou – Honeythief (voc. Rebecca Coseboom)
Björk – All is full of love
Terranova – Chase The Blues (voc. Cath Coffey)
Mono – Life in Mono (voc. Siobhan De Maré)
Morcheeba – Blood Like Lemonade
Lamb – Gabriel (voc. Louise Official Lou Rhodes)
Lunascape – State Of Mind (voc. Kyoko Baertsoen)
Elsiane – Vaporous
Rekevin – It (voc. Ksenia Istenko)
Hooverphonic – Wicky (voc. Liesje Sadonius)
Portishead – Mourning Air
Puracane – Shouldnt Be Here
Bjork – Play Dead
Kanute – Tangle Me (voc. Rachel Gray)
Blue Foundation – End Of The Day
Garbage – The Trick is to Keep Breathing
Supreme Beings of Leisure – So Much More (voc.Geri Soriano Lightwood)
Weekend Players – Plaything ( voc. Rachel Foster)
Slow Train – In The Back Of Night (voc. Lady Z)
Natalia Clavier – Every Time (voc. Natalia Silvia Clavier)
Favorite Son – Whole Lotta Reasons (voc. Supernova Jade)
Soulstice – Colour (voc. Gina Rene)
Thievery Corporation – Until The Morning (voc. Emilliana Torrini)
Mac Guffin – I Cross My Heart (voc. Barbara)
elsiane – Nobody Knows (voc. Elsieanne Caplette )
Massive Attack – Black Milk ( voc. Elizabeth Fraser)
Attica Blues – Blueprint ( R. El-Essawy)
Helicopter Girl – Jakarta Flatline (Jackie Joyce)
Sneaker Pimps – 6 Underground (voc. Kelli Ali)
Martina Topley Bird – Valentine
Sonomad (US) – Road To Somewhere – vocals Shana Halligan
Endless Blue (US) – Green Eyes – vocals Laura Hillman
The Blue Square (Greece) – Blind Colours Of The Soul – vocals Melentini
Natalia Clavier (Argentina/Spain/US) – Into The Day
Kognitif official (France)- So Let’s Begin
Cyesm (France) – No Go – vocals Camille Corazon
The Smart Set – Don’t Wake Me (US) – vocals Brandi Emma
iiiii eyes x #soundspace (Ukraine) – Delphina Hvylyna – vocals Marija Cheba
Alpha (UK) – Covers Been Blown – vocals Hannah Collins
Mac Guffin (France) feat. Line Kruse from Gotan Project – Knife Edge – vocals Barbara
Interlude 2**
Himalayan Dalai Lama (Czech) – Bloom – vocals Hamina Shesnotscared
Celeste Lear (US) feat Thr 33 – Experience
Interlude 3**
Carol C (US) – Hide Away
Puracane (UK/Argentina/US) – Hours – vocals Ali Rogers
My Dirty Face (Italy) – Underneath – vocals Sara Belia
Lorelei Carlson (US) – Rape Me Nirvana cover
Daybehavior (Sweden) – Godspeed – vocals Paulinda Crescentini
Supreme Beings of Leisure (US) – Everywhere – vocals Geri Soriano Lightwood
GOLOKA (UK) – Tobacco Slide – vocals Kasia Wojciechowska

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  1. Since years i looking for a song i couldnt find! Its a lush female vocal (Downtempo/triphop/) from 1995-2000 only i remember is in the lyric something like” i gonna make u say, wanna make u mine mine mine” similer!? Please help me to find this song!!!!

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