Elena Shirin & Friends – World Song

Elena Shirin & Friends – World Song
feat. Aunty, Kuba, Anamone, James Muschler, Max Bogner, Dominick Calbrese, Grayson Fiske

‘The World Song’ is a collaborative effort of international artists, who are voluntarily gathering their voices and sounds for the co-creation of a musical wake up call.
To create real impact Elena Shirin gathered educational resources in a Linktree for spreading the work of individuals, nonprofits, and institutions who are working at the front to make a change.

  • Think global
  • Act local
  • Support small businesses
  • Know your environmental impact

Written & Produced by Elena Shirin
Lyrics by Elena Shirin, Aunty, Kubas
Mixed & Mastered by Jordan Lipaz

Listen, enjoy, share!