50 Best Albums of 2022

Make Music Stop War – Premiere

This album was created by mutual efforts of artists from all over the world in response to the brutal invasion of the Russian Federation into the territory of Ukraine. All proceeds from sale of this album will be transferred for humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

In recent weeks, being in Ukraine and experiencing all the tragedy that we faced after the brutal invasion of the Russian Federation into the territory of our country, we were forced to leave our home and stop our main business (not a music one), which generated income, losing financial means to support the THN channel. But even in this difficult moment for all of us, we try to use the possibilities of our channel in favour of charitable activities. We turned to many musicians with a request to provide us with their tracks for a musical project – a compilation “Make Music Stop War” all proceeds from the sale of which will be directed to a humanitarian aid fund for Ukrainians who suffered in the war.
A sufficient number of musicians responded to our call.

Friends, you have no idea how important this is for us, how it inspires us in these difficult times. Your help and support is so precious. Thank you. With sincere gratitude, your friend Sergey Vatkin.

Personally I would like to thank Ali Rogers R Ralph Lamb, Bart Sampson, Christos Volotas, Pascal Boudet, Nadya Savenkova, Sergei Zakharenko, Sergiy Ostapenko, Lisa Vatkina, Corin Dingley, Matthew Dalzell, Kedves Péter, Bart Bajda, Susanna La Polla De Giovanni, Bartolomeo Sailer, Jon Kennedy, Andrea Beaumont Lewis, Μελεντίνη Τόιλα, Pete Hickman

Music always touches people in a way no other art form can, it effects them, communicates across borders, brings people together, heals and creates a space to escape too.

“We all feel a desperate need to help Ukraine, not just with money but with love from our hearts. Music always touches people in a way no other art form can, it effects them, communicates across borders, brings people together, heals and creates a space to escape too. This project will not raise millions but will raise the moral and share something that is priceless, something that cannot be destroyed by any number of bombs. This war has effected me a lot even though it is a long way from where I live in France. Before it started I was in a good space writing a new album but now I struggle to feel good to write. I think this tune finds an uneasy place. Love to Ukraine.” Corin Alpha

Anything that could help deserves to be try! Pascal Boudet, Cyesm

“Thanks to the interest of Sergey Vatkin of THN and Vadim Griboedov of Subself Records, and to the support of Bologna UNESCO City of Music, in February 2017 we had the precious chance to play in Kyiv and Charkiv. There, we strolled around streets, parks, museums getting a glimpse of Ukrainian lifestyle and culture and we felt at home. There, we met lovely people we now call friends. We can’t believe those places are now under constant attack and that Ukrainian people, including our friends, are now forced to flee their homes and fight for their lives. As anyone living on this planet should, we think war is never an answer and wish this senseless massacre will end very soon.” Suz

The whole world is watching in horror every day and we must all do something to show our support and help our friends in Ukraine. I’m honored to be a part of this project to show our support and hopefully help in some small way. Ali Rogers

“Like the rest of the world we’ve watched on in horror at the invasion of Ukraine and suffering of the people there. When we heard about this campaign it felt like the least we could do to take part, show our solidarity, and help in some small way” – Anna Marcella, Sykoya

Peace is a song, war is a long howl among screamings (Robert Sabatier).

“When we saw the call of Trip Hop nation, it was obvious to participate in this compilation. If we can modestly help raise funds for the Ukrainian cause, we will.
All our thoughts for the men and women who suffer this war 🇺🇦♥️
Many thanks to Sergey for mobilizing the trip hop community. 🙏” Gerald M. Dorai

“Karmacoda supports this effort to help provide humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people who are being terrified by an unjust and horrific war by an invading army. We stand with you!”

We’re honoured to be a part of such an inspiring and meaningful project. Our hearts are with the people Ukraine. Pete Hickman, Speech Act Theory

THN Tribute to 2021

THN choice – best releases of the year 2021 compilation


  1. Tranquilize – Telenova
  2. Welcome to the Playground – Bea Miller
  3. The Moon – Morcheeba Band
  4. Immaculate Hearts – Sneaker Pimps
  5. Liberty Bell – DARKSIDE
  6. Pure Heart – Martina Topley Bird
  7. ODONATA – Waldskin
  8. The Rules Of The Game – DeLaurentis
  9. Fighter – Sneaker Pimps
  10. Unica’s Cloud – Delaurentis
  11. Lost Highway – Telenova
  12. The Other Side Rōnin Def Mix – UNKLE
  13. I Don’t Like You feat Sadie Percell – Jay-Jay Johanson
  14. In Orbit feat. Mariama – Rumble
  15. Pagliacci´s Reprise feat. Joyce Olong – Ancient Astronauts
  16. Coffee Cup (Remastered) – Boztown
  17. Like This – Wax Tailor
  18. Sweet – Traveling Day
  19. Baise-moi – Boztown
  20. Unspoken – Moderator
  21. Avant – Degiheugi
  22. If You’d Really Know Me – Hooverphonic
  23. Just A Candle – Wax Tailor
  24. Planting the Seed – Official Kiko King & creativemaze
  25. Hold On (Feat. MOONZz) – CloZee
  26. Change – Anika
  27. Feels – Karmacoda

50 Best Albums of 2021

THN Tribute to 2020

THN choice – best releases of the year 2020 compilation


  1. But You – Alexandra Savior
  2. Losing My Mind – MISSIO
  3. I See In Your Mind – Keep Shelly in Athens
  4. Dream Steppin’ – Two People
  5. Two Hearts – Zola Blood
  6. With Love To An Ex – Gorillaz ft. Moonchild Sanelly
  7. Eden – Sevdaliza
  8. Ten Girls – Circe
  9. Omen – Rituals of Mine
  10. Olympia – Howlite
  11. So Handsome Hello – Woodkid
  12. Crying All The Time – Alexandra Savior
  13. Not Anymore – High Shelf Remedy
  14. Silent Doors – Omami
  15. When U Go Down – Mija
  16. Raincoat – Earthphish
  17. Supernatural – Elektrik People
  18. The Second Sun – Hugo Kant
  19. Elwood – Keno
  20. Babble Bobble – Mike Shinoda
  21. Secret temple – SCRATCHATTIC
  22. Inkling – Dj Krush
  23. Darkseid w/ 潘PAN – Grimes
  24. Fall – Black Square feat. Hezen
  25. Like a Stone – Tricky

50 Best Albums of 2020

Elena Shirin & Friends – World Song

Elena Shirin & Friends – World Song
feat. Aunty, Kuba, Anamone, James Muschler, Max Bogner, Dominick Calbrese, Grayson Fiske

‘The World Song’ is a collaborative effort of international artists, who are voluntarily gathering their voices and sounds for the co-creation of a musical wake up call.
To create real impact Elena Shirin gathered educational resources in a Linktree for spreading the work of individuals, nonprofits, and institutions who are working at the front to make a change.

  • Think global
  • Act local
  • Support small businesses
  • Know your environmental impact

Written & Produced by Elena Shirin
Lyrics by Elena Shirin, Aunty, Kubas
Mixed & Mastered by Jordan Lipaz

Instrumental Part VI

Special Podcast


  1. Robot Yodel – Mike Shinoda
  2. Bali Flip – Geliks
  3. When It’s Gone – Poldoore
  4. I Really Do Believe – Gramatik
  5. Just Like A Melody – Poldoore
  6. Don’t Come Back – mononome
  7. Surviving Skills – Zesik
  8. Final Liquid – D. Batistatos
  9. Dismantling Frank – Bonobo
  10. Elwood – Keno
  11. The Second Sun – Hugo Kant
  12. Fixed Income – DJ Shadow
  13. Cranes Cry – Golden
  14. Midnight in Montmartre – Eric Hilton
  15. Maternal Blues – The Amalgamation of Soundz
  16. An Oriental Banquet – Obsqure
Mixed by Sergey Vatkin