Special Podcast from THN – “INDIE” – mixed by Sergey Vatkin.


  1. C.U. by Lou Doillon
  2. West End Kids by Emma Louise
  3. Cities We Won’t See Again by CALLmeKAT
  4. Silhouette by Birdy
  5. Heartstrings by Leighton Meester
  6. Fade Into You by Mazzy Star
  7. Dancing In The Dark by Miss Li
  8. West Coast by Lana Del Rey
  9. April Flowers by Jesse Jo Stark
  10. Out Of The Woodwork by courtney barnett
  11. First Light of Winter by Miranda Lee Richards
  12. Wreck of the Day by Anna Nalick
  13. Katie I Know by Marissa Nadler
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Best Releases of September 2017

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Podcast #84

Podcast #84 from THN, with a great deal of new hits mixed by Sergey Vatkin.


  1. Life for Rent (Skinny 4 Rent Mix)by Dido
  2. Slowmotion by Kaagari
  3. I’d Wait Forever and a Day For You by Torii Wolf
  4. River of Love by Fifi the RaiBlaster
  5. Who’s Gonna Save My Soul by Gnarls Barkley
  6. Clear Cut by Lali Puna & @Bomb The Bass
  7. Shadows Crawl by Torii Wolf
  8. This Collective by Kate Rogers
  9. Totem by Kaagari
  10. Disney Town by Mono
  11. Whale Song by Valeska Rautenberg & Alpha Minus
  12. Lost Again by Sykoya
  13. Automatic People by Tube & Berger, RBBTS
  14. When i Close My Eyes by Ganga
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