Best Of Female Vocals – special edition: Trip Hop Nation Friends

Are you ready? Then, let’s GOOOO! Official premiere of Best Of Female Vocals – special edition: Trip Hop Nation Friends. Unique compilation, 19 bands, 19 songs with female vocals all mixed together by legendary DJ and sound producer Paul Cheeba. Aknowledged masters of the genre and young musicians, with their best tracks, including those previously unreleased – they are here.
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Thanks to all THN friends, participating in the mix, for their full support of such unique international project.
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P.S. We are very glad to have included musicians from Ukraine, for the first time in our project.
P.P.S. Watch our publications – vocalists photoalbum and promo trailer for the mix will follow.


  1. Sonomad (US) – Road To Somewhere – vocals Shana Halligan
  2. Interlude I**
  3. Endless Blue (US) – Green Eyes – vocals Laura Hillman
  4. The Blue Square (Greece) – Blind Colours Of The Soul – vocals Melentini
  5. Natalia Clavier (Argentina/Spain/US) – Into The Day
  6. Kognitif official (France)- So Let’s Begin
  7. Cyesm (France) – No Go – vocals Camille Corazon
  8. The Smart Set – Don’t Wake Me (US) – vocals Brandi Emma
  9. iiiii eyes x #soundspace (Ukraine) – Delphina Hvylyna – vocals Marija Cheba
  10. Alpha (UK) – Covers Been Blown – vocals Hannah Collins
  11. Mac Guffin (France) feat. Line Kruse from Gotan Project – Knife Edge – vocals Barbara
  12. Interlude 2**
  13. Himalayan Dalai Lama (Czech) – Bloom – vocals Hamina Shesnotscared
  14. Celeste Lear (US) feat Thr 33 – Experience
  15. Interlude 3**
  16. Carol C (US) – Hide Away
  17. Puracane (UK/Argentina/US) – Hours – vocals Ali Rogers
  18. My Dirty Face (Italy) – Underneath – vocals Sara Belia
  19. Lorelei Carlson (US) – Rape Me Nirvana cover
  20. Daybehavior (Sweden) – Godspeed – vocals Paulinda Crescentini
  21. Supreme Beings of Leisure (US) – Everywhere – vocals Geri Soriano Lightwood
  22. Interlude 4**
  23. GOLOKA (UK) – Tobacco Slide – vocals Kasia Wojciechowska

** by Paul Cheeba

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