Soundcloud Playlist “Sirens”
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20 trip-hop compositions featuring beautiful female vocals. Just click play and get 1.5 hours of pleasure! Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation, Polica, Natalia Clavier and others.

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Trip Hop Nation female vocal vol.1

Trip Hop Nation female vocal vol.1
50 min. of pleasure, turn it on and relax!
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  1. Dot Allison feat. Massive Attack – Aftersun
  2. Portishead – Glory Box
  3. Supreme Beings of Leisure feat. Lili Haydn – Angelhead
  4. Skye Edwards – Love show
  5. Angela McCluskey – I’m not the girl
  6. Puracane – Secrets
  7. Beauty’s Confusion – Silhouerre
  8. Elsiane – Across the stream
  9. Blue Foundation – Bonfires
  10. Halou – Honeythief
  11. Bjork – All is full of love
Listen, enjoy, share!